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Ecole Macneill
312 Sandy Street
Dauphin, Manitoba
R7N 0Y9
ph 204.638.3942
fax 204.638.3978
Directrice/Principal: Monique Lefebvre

Teaching Staff

Mme Manon Fiola-Johnson         Kindergarten

Mme Marni Bednorski               Grade 1

Mme Jennifer Knutson              Grade 1

Mme Laura Joss                       Grade 1 ELA and Music

Mme Peggy Levandoski            Reading Recovery

Mme Patti Beaudin                   Grade 2/3

M Rossel Leclaire                     Grade 2/3

Mme Régan Lemieux                Grade 2/3

Mme Shawna Prokopowich        Grade 4/5

Mme Paige Carson                    Grade 4/5

Mme Amy Simpson                  Grade 4/5                  

Mme Viviane Thompson             Physical Education/Health

Mme Petra Kostuik                    Resource, Guidance

Mme Monique Lefebvre              Principal    

Support Staff        

Mme Della Johnson                      Secretary

Mme Judith Cooper                       Educational Assistant 

Mme Claire Refvik                         Educational Assistant

Mme Josée Brooke                        Educational Assistant

Mme Joelle Bélanger                      Library Assistant

M Les Taylor                                 Custodian

M Brent Cooper                             Computer Technician

Mme Andrea Carr                          Educational Psychologist

Mme Shelley Davidson                   Speech and Language Pathologist 

Sho Sho Shuttleworth-Lafontaine    Youth Support Worker